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Roger Sullivan

Roger, welcome to Gitarvilagok.com, in Hungary! Congratulate for your play, your sound. You are a great musician! Thank you very much to accept my invitation! First, please, say something about yourself!

Thanks very much for having me. I appreciate the interest in my playing and my music very much. I am a New Orleans native, and I'm fortunate enough to make my living playing music in this city. I have been playing and writing music for about 30 years, and I'm just glad to be still finding inspiration and joy in music.

How do you specify your style? As I listen your music, maybe that is near to progressive rock. Can I see it well?

You did get it right to call it Progressive Rock. I naturally tend towards odd time signatures (I don't consciously think "this has to be in 7/4, it just happens that way), and, key changes and hopefully fresh melodic and harmonic and rhythmic ideas.

What was the main influence to your work?

As a child I was inspired to want to play guitar by Edward Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen. I'd seen them both on TV and that was the initial inspiration. Yngwie remained a heavy influence throughout my formative period, and I was playing his songs note for note by 15 or 16. Once I realized that, and also started to mature some, I started to try and achieve my own guitar sound, rather than being another Yngwie clone. Other guitar influences were: Allan Holdsworth, George Lynch, Bireli Lagrene, Eric Johnson, Howard Roberts, Shawn Lane, John Petrucci, Michael Romeo, Jimi Hendrix etc.
As far as composition and, my influences have been more in the realms of classical and pop music. I try to soak up all the classics I can, with my favorite composer being Mozart. I've done two of his orchestral pieces arranged for metal guitar. In the pop realm, it all starts with the Beatles, and for me currently Sara Bareilles is a huge influence. Fates Warning and more recently Arch/Matheos have also been huge influences on my writing style.

What is the next step in your world of guitar?

The plan is to finish 9 more songs (Tapestry which I released as a rough mix being the first of those 10) and get something out there on iTunes etc. Hopefully between now and then I can build up enough support to sell a few copies. The full album I have in mind will be varied in style, not just the shred/progressive metal stuff, but some electronic sounds and who knows what else. I bought the recording software "Reason" to break myself out of my old recording and writing habits and add another impetus to push my own musical boundaries (since this program is more geared towards electronic music than metal).

Roger, your sound is very well! Instruments! Could you tell us about your riggs?

Thanks very much. The latest sound that I'm using for recording stuff like "Tapestry" is the Digitech GSP1101. I've been using them since the release, and with the community build up around it that releases updated firmware, it's become an even better machine over the years. I find that this thing has such great tone that it's not worth micing up my big amps, because even though they are awesome, getting a recorded tone that's as good as the GSP1101 takes a good bit of work. I do own a Carvin Legacy half-stack, as well as a HiWatt Lead 100 that I rarely use anymore. I only just started using the 1101 for recording, before that I was using Digitech's small RP series for recording, and they sounded pretty good....I've recently yanked an 1101 out of my live rig, and after recording with it, it's never going back!
The guitars used for Tapestry (it's a good indication of what I use on most things) were: Fender YJM Stratocaster, Schecter Diamond Series 7 string, Carvin DC135 (neck through), Peavey Wolfgang Deluxe, and a Larrivee D03 acoustic.

What do you prefer to play guitar in solo or playin in a band?

Well, I enjoy both situations. I've been in many bands, both original and cover and both where I was the only writer and where I was part of a team, and I've found it all rewarding. Playing with others is the best way to improve yourself as a musician, and as a writer, I've found that good collaborations can yield something greater than the sum of it's parts. On the other hand, I enjoy the solitude and complete control of writing and recording a finished product yourself.

Roger, what is your long term plan?

Just to keep making music for as long as I can do it, and to bring up my daughter to be someone who contributes positively to the world. That's all :)

Thank you very much, and more power to your elbow!

Udvardy Udy Zsolt


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