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Riffuz guitarist. Free and easy, unique. Both of them can be very hard. I would like to greet Riffuz on my page. His play is amazing…. Everything what you looking for in the guitar music, you find in the guitarworld of Riffuz.
Please, say something about yourself! 

Well, first of all, thank you for you support and thank to all the people and readers in this amazing guitar site! I´m started to studied music at age of 7, I studied Electric Organ for four years and I played two recitals, later I studied Drums for a year only and finally guitar J. I started play in bands at age of 14 years old. At my 17 years old I started study Classical Guitar 4 years and at the same time I learned with particular teachers, harmony and Electric Guitar. I played different styles of music (Pop, Rock, Latin, Hard Rock, Progressive, Death Metal, Stoner, Instrumental, World Music, etc.) because for me the most important thing in a musician is music itself, not only music genres or styles.

Hungarian fans are very critical, but very open to listening the rock music. Your play is liked by my fiends. How did your life lead to the guitars, guitar music?

Well I started in music too young but when I saw Slash and Marty Friedman, my life changed foreverJ. Also I listened Paco De Lucia album called "Entre Dos Aguas" when a was a teenage...
Ufffff, the best of the best, the world will miss Paco De Lucia. L
After I listened more Guitar players like Roland Grapow, Bumblefoot, Tony Iommi, Malmsteen and Zakk Wylde…well I love to many guitar players and his music! J
Actually I listen Oud Players like Rabi Abou-Khalil and others.

Next the rock, what styles do you like?

Well…like I said the most important thing for mi is music itself but I love classic Rock and classic progressive rock, bands like Black Sabbath (all their albums), Deep Purple, Genesis, Yes, Zeppelin, etc. But I love other styles and musicians too, for example: Pat Metheny, Al Di Meola, Vangelis, Charlotte Churchs, Ornette Coleman, Bill Frisel, Enya...and the list go on!

Riffuz, how have you improved your technical?

Practice, practice and more practice...but a little advice for guitar mates, I've been always practice in different ways to the conventional form, for example I write a big lick or musical idea (or maybe to many licks, I write all my music ideas with music notation, not tabs) and after I play the ideas, also I work with chords, for example, I played an Am6 chord, the chord has 4 notes, I play ideas only with this 4 notes over the chord.
Anyway, the most important thing is the patience and love for music and the instrument.

Important question! Please, say about your riggs!

Riggs ?? Maybe you want to say Gigs or shows? In 2011, 2012 and 2013 we played to many shows in México, we are working in gigs for this year, I hope make a tour in Europe soon.
Well, I have support of Godin Guitars, VGS Guitars, Curt Mangan Strings, GIG FX pedals and TESLA pick ups and that is my gear, I´m also use marshall, mesa boogie and orange amps.
The important thing is you feelin´and you musicality to play.

Riffuz, riffuz… Where did your name come from?

Well…is funny, the name Riffuz was created (by me) in 2004 , in that time I played in a Black Metal Band called MITUM and I wanted a mascot to the band (like Vic RattleHead in Megadeth or Eddie in Iron Maiden) and I invented the name RIFFUZ mean while I´ve been eating a Soup with a friend.
Later in the first show with the band the singer called me Edy Riffuz and he rest this historyJ.

My last question… What about your plans?

I am working in a new instrumental solo album Called Inspiration of Creation Chapter 2, is an instrumental-acoustic album, world-music/new age style and also I´m writing new songs for a new EP with the band. And also I´m working in Mexican Music Record and I working with a Pop cover bandJ . I hope release the 3 records this year, and I will work in guitar workshops in México and obviously more shows!

Thank you very much for your help!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanx to you Udy and greetings to readers and all people in Hungary !!


Udvardy Udy Zsolt

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