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Grzegorz Kosiński

Grzegorz Kosińskibassguitar player. You are welcome in Gitarvilagok.com page. When I saw you, my first question was „Who is he? My God, who is he?”! Your play is amazing! Please, answer my first question, who is Grzegorz Kosiński?

Hi. I`m just an amateur musician from Poland, who finds a huge passion in playing bass guitar. Lots of people asks me if I`m proffesional and famous in my country or if they can buy some of my cd`s. Well, no, I`m not popular and I haven`t published any studio album. I`m popular just in internet bass world, or rather precisely in solo bass world. People recognize me from the style that is based on playing as a soloist multistring bass guitar with different techniques, mostly classical pieces, and substitutes instruments like piano, violin, or classical guitar. That`s all. I`ve started to play when I was 15 years old and I was autodidact. I took just a few lessons for piano, but never any lessons for bass.

What was the main inspiration which made you start on your way?

Since I was 17, and I had my first band, I always dreamed to do something great in music. Not only to be a great player, but also to be one in his kind, to do something new, special, to begin a new personal style of music, and stand out of the mainstreem. I believed that I should play what I like and then maybe someone would like it too. Never conversely, to play music that people wants to hear. I`ve never let anybody to be my conductor. From the one hand it made some lacks in my musical awareness, but from the other I didn`t let to close myself in an obligatory form. I knew that I`ve chosen correct and the only path to show what is the music inside me. There were a lot of styles that I loved, but nor of them were exacly finding and touching my feelings. I could embody just in part of them, but never one hundred percent. It was kind of desire to play solo in this strange way and I was very stubborn with that, although people were telling „bass is not a solo intrument”.
My greatest technical inspirations were Y. Malmsteen, B. Sheehan and V. Wooten, but favourite composers and musicians as a whole, were classical masters like Chopin, Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven and Mozart. Techniques of the firsts and compositions of the others inspired me to exercise bass techniques 4-5 hours a day couple years,  with a watch opposite.

Grzegorz, could you talk about your present work?

My present musical work is addicted of my privat live. I come from Poland where my musical journey was born, but now I live in Germany and I work in Netherlands in company that distributes computers. So, as I said, I`m not professional musician, I have job that is absolutely unfamiliar with music, and unfortunatelly I can`t put myself as a whole for art. Before, when I lived in my country, I spent all the long days on exercising and playing. At the end, before I emigrated, I played almost every weekend live gig, I was recording, composing, giving lessons, etc. Now, I play, record and compose only at home.

As I see, playing the bassguitar is not a solo style, but it disappear in your play. How do you set the style of your own?

To answer this question how did I get my present style, I need to tell about my musical inspirations from the beggining. When I was a teenager, my favourite band was Metallica. I was crazy about their first 5-7 albums, and I was able to play all those songs on bass and guitars. Later I`ve started to listen more metal bands, but also guitar virtuosos like Steve Vai. After his two concerts in Poland that I joined, I became to play more ambitious things and techniques like tapping or sweep picking. It is strange that I was always more inspired by other instruments than bass guitar which I played. After all kinds of rock and metal music, it came a time for a classical. I always liked greatest compositors, like Vivaldi or Chopin, but after a time, I realized that playing them can became addictive and inspiring as well. The more that, during my daily practises I was noticing how similar is classical and metal music in their structures and emotions that they serves. So during my solo concerts I played always two kinds of songs; - immortal classical pieces like Beethoven`s „Moonlight sonata” and my own rock styled one`s, with drum kit and loop station, that allowed me to be a one man band live. I looped drums with a low bass usually slaped, then I added in sequence couple guitars as an ornaments with other effects, like reverb, delay, chorus, or wah-wah. At the end I improvised solo with overdrive, obviously in baroque scale`s. Multieffect gave my possibility to play with drums, and change effects, 7stringed instrument let me to play in bass and guitar scales as well. Learned techniques were a spirit, and loop station fullliled a whole „band”.

Grzegorz, you have great instruments! Can you say something about it?

Thanks. It`s an interesting story how did I get my 7 stringed Conklin. When I decided to play progressive solos on bass, I desired to have a wider tones possibilities. I played mostly classical pieces, that were written for 8-octaved piano or for whole orchestra. To play all this note avalanche with two hands only and to save  illustrations contained in originals, I needed more strings that I always had (4 or 5). But there was a problem. In eastern Europe solo bass music is absolutely unknown, so also a multistringed instruments are difficult to find. I`ve been searching 4 years for it, when I`ve finnaly found in a polish auction site. It was just a case, cause a man who sold it was a swedish who lived in Warsaw, spoken polish not perfect, and he was no musician. He received it in some kind of decrease, and he even didn`t knew what he exacly had. He put it in the auction with a small price, and I outbided it even a way more down. Despite the fact that it was cheap, it was still to costful for my student`s pocket, but this time I had some money, cause I`ve just came back from a small tour in Germany. When I saw the auction I wasn`t considering long. Luthier ameliorated it especially under my hands and since this time I`m very proud of this bass.

Short question! Plans!

As you can see I`m not in bloom of my musical journey now. But dreams dies as last. I still hope that I`ll compose till the end my solo debut album and I will publish it. It would be a great achievement for me. I don`t expect to be famous and has a lot of money by music. I just want to do something new, but not new just to be a new, in fake way. I think I can do it natural, by throwing out from myself something that really sits inside me, and wasn`t painted by any music yet.

Grzegorz, thank you very much this great interwiev, and I am very lucky man that I make it with you! Have great time!!

Udvardy Udy Zsolt


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