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Veress Marton - ARMAGEDDON

Marton Veress has appeared recently in the band of Chris Amott (ex-Arch Enemy) called Armageddon. 

Marton, welcome to the site! Well... knowing the opportunities of the present, you can tell, that you are on the top of your Hungarian carreer, as being the drummer of Pokolgép. But a little „accident” happened, you became the new drummer for Armageddon. I want to hear everything about this story!

First of all, thank you for the invitation! Its an honor to play with a higly recognized star like Chris. It wasn’t different when I became the part of Pokolgép in 2011. The 30th anniversary show was a few days ago in the PECSA Music Hall. I can tell that it was one of the biggest shows in my life! It was a dream come true! Thank you to them!

How did you get in the United States? How did you find Chris?

As some of you already know, I study Arts Management in the International Business School. At the end of last year we recieved an email saying that there is an exchange program opportunity for all the Arts Management students. Everybody could apply from every grade and based on the submitted resumés, cover letters and grades, only 2 students got the opportunity, and I was one of them. I spent 4 months in the SUNY Purchase College. That was my second time in New York. I could spend a semester in the Drummers Collective 2 years ago where I became the official regional reresentative.
As a foreigner, its very hard to make it in the States. I mean because of the visa issues, you have limited time to do stuff. I had 4 months to bring my career further.
I started to browse advertisements for auditions. I read through more than a hundred, and only one caught my attention. It didn’t say any specific. The title was Metal Drummer Needed, and it said we play music similar to this and this. And one more thing: have a passport, we want to go on a tour soon. I didn’t have anything to lose, I wrote my application email, I attached some references and a few days later I got the answer: „Thanks for your application, my name is Chris Amott”. I was super surprised! And he added that: „Congrats to your band Pokolgép, I’m aware of them!”. I was like.. It can’t be true! I came here to another continent from a small country, and this guy who is pretty famous has heard about my band back in Hungary! And he is from Sweden! We just played in Sweden 2 years ago on a festival and the famous Swedish Hammerfall has covered on of our songs and we played together on a festival in Hungary too!

What happened next?

He sent me 2 new songs from the upcoming album, one of them was the recently released Captivity and Devourment, and he asked me if I could do it. I said yes, and I started practicing. I told him that I can add the classic Arch Enemy song, Nemesis, and another older Armageddon song. So I practiced 4 songs for the audition. The audition went well, and now, here I am!

I know that it I should begin the whole conversation with that, so I want to make it up now! Let’s talk about you a little bit in general! Schools, Preparing course for the Kodolányi Jazz faculty, than New York! Please talk about these now!

I started to play the drums when I was 14. I committed myself with it from the begings and after 1-2 years, I knew that thats the thing I want to do in my life on a professional level, and to do it internationally. I started to take lessons in the Pro-Drum studio with Attila Mátyus, and after 2 years I applied to the Preparing course for the Kodolányi Jazz faculty, where Norbert Kovács, then Peter Szendőfi became my teachers. Peter showed me the Drummers Collective first where he spent a semster too in the 90’s, and that was the time when I got infected. Parallel with that, I took some metal based lessons with Attila Rékasi (Subscribe). Besides the drums, I have a good sense for organizing and doing marketing, thats why I applied to the International Business School, where I obtained very important relations and a very good practical knowledge.  It’s a very important part of my story. If I wouldn’t be a student there, probably we couldn’t talk about Armageddon right now.

Marton, as far as I experienced, enervation is a huge issue among Hungarian musicians, and sometimes among world famous stars too. What kind of personality should you have besides your musical skills, which brought you to Pokolgép, and now to Armageddon?

I heard from a lot of musicians, that you have to be courage enough to dream in big, and to be able to work for it very hard. I did the same, I felt if Zoltan Bathory (Five Finger Death Punch) or Attila Vörös (ex-Nevermore) could do it, why couldn’t be me the next one somehow? I watched a lot the titans of the new generation like Luke Holland and my all time favourites like Mike Portnoy. Besides the fact that they are killing it on the drums, the self-management they are doing, is very remarkable. I try to do the same as good as I can, because in my experience, this is an indispensable way to get a step ahead. Before the guys from Pokolgép called me, they could find references about me on the internet which helped they decision. The same thing worked for Armageddon. But of course besides that, your personality and to feel the good vibe of creating music with someone is much more important. If you can get along well with somebody, you don’t have to be the best. There is always a better guy. But you have to work your ass off, of course, it’s not an excuse!

Let’s get back to the practical side! We can talk about your set up, or just about everything in general. How do you have to prepare to be the part of Armageddon?

Talking about my set up, I am currently selling my DrumCraft acrylic setup, because I have to get a new one in the States. It would be hard to bring all my kit there, so maybe buying a new one would be easier. Right now, I’m home in Budapest, and Chris returend to Sweden for the summer too. Everybody practices the songs at home and the reharsals will start in August. We are focusing on the online promotion right now, to get in the vibe a little bit more which will help us to book shows later.

Thank you for the interview! Do you want to say something in the end?

I want to say a big thank you for the support to my parents, to my friends, to my sponsors, and to everybody who has helped me to get closer to my dreams!

Marci, thank you very much this great interwiev, and I am very lucky man that I make it with you! Have great time!!

Udvardy Udy Zsolt


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