2015. június 9., kedd

Adam Ben Ezra

 Photo by Paolo Gattella
Részlet Adam Ben Ezra-val készülő interjúból. "...I'm playing a 5 strings Nick Lloyd Bass, It's made out of Spruce and walnut kind of wood and it's a fantastic instrument. It has a great sound definition, very focused and with lots of sustain and the instrument itself is really comfortable. I use Thomastic medium strings which are great for pizzicato. to amplify my bass I use full circle Fishman pick up and an Audio Technika Pro 35 mic: together they give a big, wide, powerful and acoustic sound. for effect I use Boss Gt-10b. it has a very wide variety of effects so I can make all kind of crazy sounds, it's very comfortable to use and the quality is great. For looping I use Digitech JamMan."


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