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Adam Ben Ezra

photographer © Ezra Gozo Mansur
Doubble bassist, composer, multi-instrumentalist... and a musician, whose fantasy takes us to an other world... a very new side of music... congratulate on you, in the name of Gitarvilagok.com. Thank you very much to give me this interwiev. First, I very like the bass getting the main line through the music. Adam, how did you come into contact with doubble bassist?

I started to learn music at the age of 5 years old. I couldn't hold an upright bass back then of course and I also can't imagine a child of this age that would want to play this instrument, so instead I picked up the violin. Up to the age of sixteen years old I switched instruments every few years; besides the violin I played the piano, guitar and the electric bass. During this period I started to listen to Jazz and this drew me to start playing the double bass. The fact that I played all kinds of instruments before has definitely shaped my perspective about bass playing. My percussive and general technique is heavily influenced by slapping on the electric bass or strumming the guitar. My solo bass composing is influenced by polyphonic playing on the piano.

Adam, sorry, maybe this question should have been the first! Next one, Could you say about yourself? Who is Adam Ben Ezra?

Well, it’s a quite hard question to answer … if I try to define myself in one sentence, I would say that I’m a man who is curious to explore; explore the limits of his playing with the will of pushing those limits all the time, finding new colors in sound and new melodies to compose, and generally to learn how to be a better human being. (Big answer for a big question J)

Your music is full of life, full of soul....yes....it is far more than interesting! No words I can't imagine what inspiring you...please...say something about this!

Thank you for that! I think that anything in life that I feel connected to can inspire me. Art is a reflection of what you explore in life whether it is good musicians like Debbusy, Chick Corea or Sting, or even a beautiful picture, a bad situation or a funny man that you met on the street. I guess that all of the things I experience in my life enter to my inner world and are eventually expressed into music.

Adam, as I see your video...It seems to be a round and complete "story". One way absolutely! Congratulate on you! Let's talk about The Adam Ben Ezra TRIO!

photographer © Ezra Gozo Mansur
For the past few years I have been focusing almost entirely on my solo career. Both my music videos and my international tours and performances have been solo. The more I explored this world the more I wanted to learn.
About a year ago I decided to move to the next step and to lead a band in addition to my solo career. I wanted to play and compose much wider and richer music that is not limited to the abilities of a solo performer. I also wanted to be inspired by other talented musicians that will play my music.
After a long search I found two excellent players: the amazing percussionist Gilad Dobrecky who has played with huge artists like Al Di Meola, Brad Mehldau and many more. Also part of the trio is the guitar player Adam Ben Amitai who produces amazing and crazy sounds with his effects.
It’s great fun to work with them, music wise and friendship wise. We recently toured in Italy and it was an unforgettable experience.

Adam Ben Ezra TRIO! Yes... It is time to say about The Debut Album!

photographer © Ezra Gozo Mansur
Yes! A few months ago we got into a recording studio and recorded the music we’ve been working on and I’m really proud of the result. This album was supported by a lot of fans and listeners around the world in a crowdfunding project and it will be released this summer!
I’m very excited about the upcoming release. I’ve already received some amazing feedback about the album and I can’t wait until it will be available for everybody. The name of the album is “Can’t stop running

Adam...please turn back just a little... bassguitar or doubble bass exclusively? So, electric and acustic? Where do you place them in your life of music?

As you can probably imagine, I’m more into the acoustic bass. For me the sound possibilities are much more diverse and I feel much more connected. However I also really enjoy playing the electric bass, especially in situations of heavy sounds like Rock and Funk which can be handled better with the electric bass than the acoustic.

Absolutely important thing is the instrument. Adam, what do we "have to know" about your instrument and your "hardwer"? On the big stage, or a small club, in the studio for example!

I'm playing a 5 strings Nick Lloyd Bass, It's made out of Spruce and walnut kind of wood and it's a fantastic instrument. It has a great sound definition, very focused and with lots of sustain and the instrument itself is really comfortable. I use Thomastic medium strings which are great for pizzicato. To amplify my bass on stage I use full circle Fishman pick up and an Audio Technika Pro 35 mic: together they give a big, wide, powerful and acoustic sound. For effect I use Boss Gt-10b. it has a very wide variety of effects so I can make all kinds of crazy sounds, it's very comfortable to use and the quality is great. For looping I use Digitech JamMan

Adam, what is your actual work and your plan to the future?

My plans for the future are basically to continue the work that I’ve been doing so far;
Releasing my album, making more videos, performing wherever I can - solo and with the trio.  I’m looking right now for all kinds of promoters from all over the world to help me with this.
Lately I also started to work on video tutorials teaching my percussive technique on the bass and watch this space for more going on in the future.

Adam, thank you very much! Have great time!!!

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