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CETI, Poland

CETI, from Poland. Welcome to Gitarvilagok.com, it is a great honour to us. Well…I am always looking for the high-quality, pure heavy metal music. What does it mean to me? This is the full of energy and soul! This swelled from the stage in Gyor in Hungary! Congratulate on CETI!

Thank You! My pleasure… This band is my life. All musicans are my best friend, like my family… We love true rock an roll and  this can be heard in our music.

First, I would like to know all things about CETI!

WOW! This is long story! We founded CETI  with Mary in 1989. I think it's better if fans visit our website. There is more very interesting facts of CETI's history…

Where do you take CETI to? Music, on he stage. Following a well-known form or come from your soul? Hm….as I see…..the second!


CETI - name taken from NASA program (1971). I'm fan of SF theme. Music is all my life in my soul... always..

Are you satisfied with your role in the Poland music world?

Sure! I have no reason to complain ..

Guitars, guitarists. I have a question to Bartek Sadura and Tomasz Targosz. Our page is called Gitarvilagok.com….please, say something about your instruments, sound!

Tommy: Fender Power Jazz Bass - 1987 made in Japan, MXR Bass D.I. +, Dunlop Bass Cry Baby and Hartke HA 3500 Made in Korea - this amp comes from middle of the 90'. This is my whole gear, but the true sound is coming from soul, heart and my fingers…  

Barti: sound! Gibson Les Paul,  Fender Richie Sambora Strat +EMG81. I  love my guitars. Every one  it's like my women. 

How do you feel heavy metal needs something new, something renew? What do you get from HM? How do you feel heavy metal needs something new, something renew?

I think that is all right. HM it's like religion... like life and air. That's is all of needed is our soul's…

What do you get from HM?

Freedom and fun and the fulfillment...

What is the next step of CETI?

In 2017 we'll go to promo tour. "THE SNAKES ARE BACKING TOWN". We will present mainly compositions from their latest album

Thank you very much CETI!!! Thank you the HEAVY METAL...!!

Thank you! Bye 
CETI Official 

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