2016. január 4., hétfő

Joe Chawki guitarist

Joe Chawki guitarist. I am very happy to take Joe to Hungary. Joe’s guitar worlds is a progress where every sound is great but we don’t know what is the next step. I mean It is the greatest quality what a player – Joe Chwaki – gives to his fans. Not only his virtuosity but the colours wich is typical of his play. Congratulate on you Joe, in the name of Gitarvilagok.com.

Joe, what is your secret? How do you form your style of play?

Haha there is no magic formula. I have been listening to a lot of different types of music for many years. That, coupled with the genuine desire to express oneself...as well as diligent practice, all factor into the equation.

Sorry Joe It should have been the first question….. Who is Joe Chawki? Could you say something about you?

I Am That. Princeton, New Jersey. Does your town give you enough place to show your art. Sorrowful, but the greatest hungarian guitarists can „live” in the second line without tv or something else. I would consider the type of music I play for a specific or niche audience...so quite honestly there aren't many venues hosting instrumental guitar oriented music.

Joe, playing solo, or in a band?

Both. Would definitely be open to playing in a band.

As I watch your videos, you have a style a technic. I have no words about this, amazing! Dou you plan to turn to other style of music?

Yes. I like to keep myself refreshed and interested. Every few years there is a cleaning and I like to cross over. Mixing genres is my favorite thing to do.

Joe, please, say about your riggs. I very like your sound!

It is actually a very simple rig. A Suhr modern satin either straight into a practice amp or using guitar rig for NAZAR.

How can you see, is your riggs enough to play with a good sound or need some others. What is the secret of your sound?

I'd like the freedom to play around with different products. A lot of guitarists say they are always chasing that perfect tone. I am no exception.

Joe, finally, plans!

Who can say. I wish to release some more music soon, and get a live act going!

Thanks, Joe.

Thank you very much.