2016. június 27., hétfő

Theodore Kalantzakos guitarist

Guitarist Theodore Kalantzakos talks about his rig. We can read the whole interwiev on our main page www.gitarvilagok.com Thank you very much Theodore!!!!
...."Could you tell us about your rigs? Guitars, amps, effects...!
I play with Schecter guitars and a customised Yamaha fretless guitar. My amps are Line6 DT-50, Line6 Spider, Fender Tween Reverb, Carvin Nomad and a Marshall 8100. I like to play with T-Rex pedals and more often I use their Replica delay, a Room-Mate, Møller and Twin Boost booster, a Bloody Mary distortion, the Mudhoney  and the Comp-Nova all of these connected with a T-Rex fuel tank placed on a T-Rex Pedalboard. Also, I use extendedly my trusty Roland VG-99 and a Rocktron Xpression Multi-effects Processor.

Do you like change your rigs or collect them?

I usually don’t change my rigs but this is not because I like to make a collection but to create a rich gear that I can use effectively in every creative scenario. The electric guitar is not only the wooden string instrument that we have under our fingers, but also what we plug after the cable. So every guitarist needs to create his own unique sound that better express his playing and creativity..."

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