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Dejan Toracki

Dejan Toracki guitarist from Australia. Actualy, I am always looking for the spirit in the music. Maybe it is more important than the technic of play. Your music is full of soul! Congratulate on your play! Dejan, how have you found the balance in your music?

Thank you Udy! I have been playing guitar for about 25 years and have always been very passionate and motivated to learn as many ways of expressing feelings, thoughts, emotions and problems as I could. I used to play technical thrash metal in a band named "Spectral Birth" when I was in high school and at university. We were influenced by German greats like Kreator, Sodom, Destruction and Holy Moses along with American Bay Area bands like Testament, Slayer, Metallica, Dark Angel and Anthrax. But our singer and bass player was also our local guitar teacher with a phenomenal technique. He played rock, pop, jazz, top 40 and classics but he also was into much heavier stuff like Bathory, Celtric Frost and Onslaught. So we all shared albums, chose tracks in turns and had lots of ’mini-jams’. That way we puched each other into learning technical riffs, playing clean and super fast! We would tear each other a ’new one’ if we made mistakes!!! But we also loved song writing and concerts like KISS Alive!, collecting Van Halen bootlegs and tape trading. Later on, we discovered Steve Vai just before he joined David Lee Roth and Joe Satriani through Not of This Earth. So we combined technical rhythms of metal with big melody and legato from guitar virtuoeoes to creat fun, fast, technical rock and metal of our own.

Sorry, maybe my first question should have been there are some word
about you! It would be the next! Please, say something about yourself!

I have always loved guitar music and played in a few bands like Spectral Birth and Wild Frontier. I got frustrated and wanted to express myself so decided to just start putting my own band together. I eventually wrote enough songs to record my first album „Deep Blue Cathedral” in 2000. Drummer Klaudius Kryšpín (Pražský výběr) really helped me a lot and taught me about arrangement, tightness, recording and did all of the drums on that album. He was an amazing musician and I was very lucky to have him as my friend and mentor. In 2008 I was lucky to play and open for Joe Satraini during his ’Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock Brisbane show’, which was the best experience of my musical life. I have been endorsed by Ibanez guitars in Australia for the last 4 years and do lots of clinics to help demonstrate guitars, Laney and Line 6 amps and various efffects. Late last year I recorded and released my second instrumental album „Atmospheric Disturbance”. It is available on iTunes and through my website. (www.toracki.com)

What were the main points in your way which determined the style of your play?

I tried to pick up lots of techniques from different players and then use a little in my own. When I was practicing, I was obsessed with REH + Hot Licks videos!! I got Steve Lynch –Eight finger guitarsist for my 17th birthday and learned everything!! Then I got Richie Kotzen’s Rock Chops and became obsessed with legato and arpeggios. Then I had lessons with an amazing teacher called Joe Cool who played with Virgil Donati at our local pub every Friday night in a band called Roar. Then, we were hearing about Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore and Michael Lee Firkins who all came and did clinics in our local area in Melbourne. Everyone was a shredder! But then when grunge came and killed everything off, I just stayed determined to keep playing the shred style because to me it was much more fun and challlenging than depressing lyrics and sloppy techniques that the Seattle scene brought. About inspiration, as we all live on the beach and much of the music our band now writes is inspired by surfing and the ocean.

I am sure the bad sound is able to degrade a great theme in the music! Your sound is great! Let's talk about this!

I had some great guys from the local music industry who have help me get big tones and know gear inside and out. Chris Lowe is an expert in everything Mesa Boogie and helped me really understand rhythm tone, clarity and punch, lead tones with sustain and harmonic overtones, effects chains, pick ups, everything. We basically recorded the drums live at Vault Studios in Warana, QLD with engineer Dave Harper. Guitars were done in two tracks, clean at home with a second Line 6 working tone strainght into Cubase and Logic, and then sent to Chris Lowe for reamping. He has a bullshit VST database and set-up!! Once reamped, everything went back to Dave Harper at Vault for final editing, mixing and mastering.

Dejan, thank you for interwiev, and you know, my page is alwas open before you!

Udvardy (Udy) Zsolt
0630 2261017

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