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Dave Hanson

Dave Hanson Lead Vocals & Guitar, Dave Hanson Band. First, I congratulate on your music! You have found the best way what shows us – yes, there is a band what gives the beauty to world. Thank you very much in the name of Hungary! So, Dave, could you say something about yourself? 

Thank you Udy! Well Dave Hanson Band is a relatively new group, but I have worked as a musician for a long time. I used to play in a band called The Dunwells and we had some success in the USA. We had a top 40 single called I Could Be A King, and also performed on the famous late night TV Show “Tonight Show With Jay Leno”. I Left the Dunwells last year and formed Dave Hanson Band with a bunch of old friends from my own town of Leeds, UK. 

What does your band – Dave Hanson Band – mean for you? 

I wanted to create a band with a cool and groovy sound, as i’m greatly influenced by JJ Cale who was the master at that! It’s an important thing for me with this band that the music takes centre stage. The quality of the songs, the quality of the musicians. I wanted to make something that sounded cool and modern, but also had a timeless quality to it. That would stand up against all the classic records that we all know and love. I think we’ve achieved that with the new Album. 

Dave, what do you take for important in your way of music? 

Like I said the quality of the songs and performances are important to me. I wanted to create a record where the songs have been played live by real musicians, rather than programmed into a computer. We decided to record to analogue tape in order to achieve that and in turn I think we’ve created something very organic. 

Will you plan turning somewhere with your band? Style, sound for example. I very hope no!

I’m always keen to progress and develop the sound of the band. I feel with the new songs I’m writing that we’re going more into a funky, soulful style and maybe a hint of psychedelia. But there is always that bluesy style of guitar playing I seem to find myself comfortable with! 

If I looking for a great band, I have to sink into the underground. This is a wrong way, unfortunately. Are you luckier in England? 

Not really. It’s truly a struggle for new artists to break through. I always laugh that I picked up a guitar to become a musician, but I spend more time on the computer tweeting about the it nowadays than I do actually playing the guitar! 

Finally, Dave, could you say something about your plan? 

Well we have an EP of four songs coming out in the Summer 2015 entitled “New Tricks”. We have a full album of material recorded so will be aiming to release that later in the year. All our music is access able via our website www.davehansonband.com - we’re already getting some good tour dates in the UK and are planning to stretch out into Europe and the USA at some point too.

Dave, thank you very much this interwiev, and I am very lucky man that I make it with you! Have great time!!

Udvardy Udy Zsolt
0630 2261017

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